Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jane: 4 years old

Jane Alexa,

How is it that in 7 minutes it will be your 4th birthday?!  I have so enjoyed watching you grow this year.  It's been a big year for you.  You got a brother for about 8 months.  You shared your room and your toys and your life with him.  Just the other day, 2 months after he left our home, you were talking about Ian and referred to him as your brother.

We also moved to Texas this year.  I have never been more proud of you than when we moved and you didn't cry one time when going into your new class at church.  You were a great example and a great big sister to Cora.  You're learning to respond to people when they talk to you and to look them in the eye.  When we first got here though you wouldn't talk to them but you would smile so big and sweetly at them and then up at me like you knew you were doing good and wanted me to be proud.  And I was.  I am.  It makes me proud that you were desiring and trying to be brave even when you were a little scared.  That is courage.  And I will always be proud when you try your best, especially when what you're doing takes courage.

This year I've really seen you fall into the big sister role.  I love seeing how God is working this out in you because it is nothing we have done.  You ask Cora if she's ok when she gets hurt, you share your night-night in the car when she's screaming because she's bored or sad or she's gotten in trouble.  You tell ME often that it's going to be ok when I'm freaking out over a broken necklace or snake worms inside my house and you warn me when there are tree bugs on the deck.

You are so silly too.  You've started laughing (a forced, fake laugh :) to be silly and make us laugh.  You love to play Candyland (which I LOVE) and you have the biggest sweet tooth, just like your momma. ;)  In fact, I've allowed leftover cupcakes for breakfast for the past 2 days just so I could have one too. :)  You are a Daddy's girl through and through.  I don't think you realize yet that Daddy is here every night to put you to bed now because you ask him to every single night.  You have fun little games just between the two of you... you get to choose how he carries you to bed, upside down, riding on his foot or on his back.  You also smooch, smooch, SMOOCH your daddy.  I love seeing you two interact.  You have such a special relationship.  I pray you always look up to him and are able to talk to him and have fun with him.

In the letter I wrote to you last year I prayed that you would begin to understand that you're a sinner in need of a savior and that he is Jesus Christ.  It's happening.  The Holy Spirit is working in you.  Since we've lived in Texas you've been including Jesus in your prayers, thanking Him for dying on the cross for our sins.  You also make up songs about Him while you're playing.  Just a few days ago I overheard you singing, "Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe.  Sin hath left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow."

This year I will continue to pray for that.  That you would understand that Jesus is real and alive and the sacrifice He made for you because He loves you.  I also pray that you will be a leader this year among your friends and with Cora.  That you would hate what is evil and cling to what is good, learning to not only please man but God.

I love you, sweet girl.  I am so glad that God allowed me to be your mom.  I have treasured every minute of it and I am looking forward to growing with you this next year.  I love watching you learn and grow.  You are my smart, beautiful, big, baby girl.



mama said...

Jane is so blessed :) You are a great mom and I am so proud! She is too :) I love our little (big-girl) Janie

Elizabeth Bradley said...

This is beautiful. I love hearing your heart for your girls through these letters and I know that they will treasure them for the gift that they are. Jane is beautiful and I love having a "big sister" connection with her and seeing all the ways that God has shaped her as her personality is revealed more and more. You guys are doing a great job at loving your girls and pointing them to Jesus!