Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cora: 18 Months

Profile of an 18 Month Old Cora- 27lbs (90%) , 33 in. tall (95%), head- 40%

  • Interests: accessories of all kinds, 
  • Enjoys: getting in things she shouldn't be... the pantry, on top of the table, etc., her paci
  • Turn offs- being told no, not giving her what she wants when she wants it
  • Vices- tantrums, crying/whining
  • Strengths- smart, cuddly, cute

Favorites of an 18 month old Cora

  • Foods- anything
  • Songs- This Little Light of Mine (Shine), Pattycake Praise
  • Shows- She doesn't care one bit about the tv
  • Books- brown bear brown bear, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  • Toys- baby doll,
  • Activities- reading books, 

She has lots of words but some of our new favorites are...

June Apple
tissue (for toilet paper)
Mommy/Daddy when she wakes up or is crying in the backseat of the car

How 18 month old Cora is like her...

mama- likes it when people are over to our house
daddy- thirsty all the time/drinks all day long

Treasuring 18 month old Cora bits & details

Cora will repeat anything we ask her to say.

I literally pray for Cora's safety every night before bed.  Once this past month she came into my room carrying a bag of marbles with 4 in her mouth!  Now I'm quick to put things away and always think about if Cora can get things or not.

Tonight I asked our little boy to get me a diaper and wipes so that I could change him.  He came back a few minutes later telling me he couldn't reach the diapers.  Cora came following after him carrying the package of diapers. ;)  That girl can get what she wants.

She is SO super sweet.  One thing I've noticed about Cora is that when she's reprimanded, spanked or just talked sternly to, she'll often reach up for us to hold her or come snuggle us if we're sitting on the ground.

Cora screams, cries and whines alot.  She always has.  Now though I can see why she's whining (ie. can't reach her cup) and have her repeat after me saying, "Cup, please!"  And she will!  Now if she could only ask without all the screaming... hopefully soon!

Her first paper from Sunday school.

 This past month I took Cora to a chiropractor after she was diagnosed with her 6th ear infection in 1 year.  The pediatrician mentioned putting tubes in her ears so I wanted to try the chiropractor route before we did that.  I happened to find a practice that adjusts kids' actual ears by pulling down and back on the ear lobe really fast, opening the eustachian tube and allowing the fluid to drain from her ears.  After Cora's first adjustment her nose immediately began to pour snot, she developed a fever that night and even had drainage from her eyes for several days!  It was all of the fluid leaving her body.  I wasn't sure if I believed it at first but after just that first visit there was no fluid in her ears!  I was shocked.  She was adjusted a couple times that first week.  We went today after not going for a week and there's still no infection and no fluid at all!  The doctor also felt Cora's spine today and told me that her t5 vertebrae was out.  T5 is the vertebrae in the very middle of the back that is linked to the stomach.  He said often kids who's t5 is out have reflux issues.  Well.  If anyone knows Cora you know she spit up for her entire first year!  We changed Cora's clothes and our own several times a day and she was given the nickname Mt. St. Helen from my cousin Amber. ;)  If only we had found it sooner!


Anonymous said...

She sure is a treasure and helper. I told Rob she has a servant's heart, I love that she wants to help with everything.
Love, G

Elizabeth Bradley said...

This list was so fun to read. I love your 18-month-old girl! I am SO glad you included the bit about the chiropractor. It's fascinating for sure and amazing that you are seeing positive results!

Amber C said...

Haha! I told you something was out of whack! I'm glad everything is worked out now. That is crazy about the chiropractor adjusting her ears. Who would've thought?