Monday, February 4, 2013

Settlers of Catan

One of our new favorite games is Settlers of Catan.  Our friends Josh and Paige have told us about it for as long as we've known them.  They love the game but can't own it as it's not good for their marriage. ;)  Just like monopoly isn't for ours.  We got to play for the first time in Florida last year with our friends Lanny and Tarah and were hooked.  My mom bought it for us for Christmas this year and now we play almost every Friday night with Josh and Paige.  We used to only play Monopoly Deal with the occasional random game thrown in but since we've had Settlers I don't think we played anything else!

This past Friday was Paige's last day at work since she's about to have her 2nd baby and most likely our last game night before baby.  So, we surprised them with Settlers of Catan cupcakes!

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Stephanie said...

impressive, friend.