Saturday, December 8, 2012


Jane came to me tonight while I was cooking dinner and in a panic says, "We need to pray for us to get a van!"
Me: You're right!
J: Can we pray RIGHT NOW?
Me: Sure.
J: I want to pray first.
Me: Ok
J: God, please help us to get a van and give us money so we can go to Christmas (meaning Florida) to celebrate You.  Amen. 

Tonight while I was vacuuming I watched Jane take Cora by the hand and lead her to the couch and then take off running.  She came back with Cora's night-nights from her bed and sat Cora down in her lap.  For the record, Cora didn't need any of those things but Jane did. :) A few minutes later I see Jane walk back in the room with her own night nights.  Cora is often strong for Jane, walking into a room like she owns the place when Jane hides behind our legs.  Sometimes this is out of ignorance or just the fact that Cora doesn't know any better yet but alot of it is because that's just the way she is.  I love seeing their personalities compliment each other.  Jane is quick to yell and run after Cora if she looks like she's headed toward the road.  I can see little glimpses of what later years might look like, Cora leading Jane into new/fun situations but Jane being the voice of reason/caution when things might get out of hand.

I noticed Jane do the same thing today at the Christmas parade... first she said, "I think Cora is scared of the parade."  I said, "Cora's not scared. She has no reason to be scared of the parade."  She responded, "I think I'm going to be scared of the parade." :)

While I change Cora's diaper I will often ask her to try and say different words.  I find that it keeps her attention and she's less likely to try and roll over and crawl off or reach for things around her.  Tonight I asked her if she could say Jane and she looked over at Jane, smiled her shy smile and said, "Nane."  I LOVE that she says Nane.  I was nervous she wouldn't because Cora is normally very good about making the first sound in a word when she tries to talk.  I really hope Nane sticks.   I will call her Nanie forever.


Elizabeth Bradley said...

This. made. my. week.

Not. even. kidding.

I loved, loved, reading these sweet snippets from your girls. I love thinking about (and agree with your thoughts on) what your girls will be like in the future. I love that you have girls who get to grow up as sisters.

And Nanie definitely needs to stick around for good.

Anonymous said...

They behave much like Cara and Rob used to do when they were little. Cara was not afraid of much of anything and Rob was the shy more cautious one. Love to hear about our babies (even though they are becoming big girls). Can't wait to see you all in a few days.
Love, G

mama said...

Awww, Grammie's babies are so cute!! Brings back lots of precious memories!